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Welcome To our natural Store!

Hi, I’m Kainaaz Mehta, Founder and Owner of Ammara, based in Pune.

Welcome to our Naturals store! I have worked with the Service industry for almost 21 years and since the last few years, I got increasingly obsessed with the idea of creating something I really cared about. I am a firm believer that business has the ability, even the responsibility, to bring about change. Change that is for the better. I am also a big believer that small changes – something as simple as using a more ethical soap – by many can cause real and significant change.

Ammara’s growing success suggests that I am not alone. Nothing brings me more joy than working with my palette of oils, butters and essential oils and I am happy offering the same to the world.

Our naturals standards

Before I began moulding my own natural products, I was uncomfortable with the fact that I had no idea about what I was using on my skin. I began researching more into it and got up to speed on issues such as palm oil, animal testing, parabens, micro-plastics and sulfates. Realising that there was very little on the market that we wanted in our cabinets, I decided to start making my own skincare and soap.

Our natural products include an array of soaps and skincare. Ammara products are free of artificial substances. Our choice of natural oils/butters, balance pH levels along with amazing anti-oxidants forms a 100% natural product, which undoubtedly has greater skin benefits, better hydration and nutrition assuring smoothness and elasticity to the skin. We also specialize in facials & peels.

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What Our Clients Say

Tried Ammara’s Charcoal face scrub and its awesome..Best detox. gives natural glow and helps in removing dead cell layer from Skin..Thanks..Best wishes🙂👍
Awesome soaps..Unlike the regular beauty bars in the market which have only surface fragrance, dissolves so quickly and does absolutely nothing to your skin, these are jst the opposite…fragrant, long lasting and true to it’s word 👌🏻👌🏻
Thank you Ammara to takg gud care of our skin n makg it beautiful with natural stuff.. My son birthday I gave erazer Soap as return gift.. It unique n all kids Luved it… Sumthg hat Kea… Personally my full fly is big fan of Ammara.. Your hampers r grt n Facial r superb … Best wishes Ammara
I’m now in love with the almond face scrub. smells nice. feels nice and leaves the skin moistened.
Very relaxing and soothing experience. The skin felt fresh and lovely after the de tox facial. Loved the aroma of the products.